Live in a Nation and battle and stuffs that benders do. Or be a regular person like Sokka. (Sokka: I'm not normal. Me:Oh really? Sokka: Yeah! Mushroon! Mushroom! Freindly, freidnly mushroom! Me: -.-)
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 The Rules of Bending

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PostSubject: The Rules of Bending   Wed Jun 30, 2010 7:57 am

1.) Use any techniques you like, but if someone uses it against you or it would overrule your attack/defense, you have to take the hit.
3.) Don't use wicked simple attacks each time, and don't use techniques that are seriously complex. Act your age-a 5 year old doesn't know the more complex moves that a 15 year old uses.
4.) Have fun out there.
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The Rules of Bending
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